Review of effects of family problems to the academic performance of students literature

As a professor, lee sees that some students appear tired and have difficulty with time flexibility, something she tries to accommodate by offering plentiful opportunities for extra credit points and exam reviews. A major problem faced by schools across the country is student absenteeism although the problem is pervasive in american schools, the attention focused on this issue has been inadequate poor student attendance has far reaching effects on the individual, the school, and society in general the. Peer influence in relation to academic performance and socialization among adolescents: a literature review by nicole marie howard a research paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the master of science degree with a major in. The current study was conducted to assess the self-esteem and academic performance among university students academic self-esteem and family self-esteem on the meaningful prediction of academic achievement in students literature review abdullah (2000) conducted a study to examine the relationship among achievement motivation, self-. The review examines the findings of 39 articles that analyzed the relationship between parenting styles and the academic performance of students all the selected studies highlighted that there exists a relationship between parenting styles and the academic performance of adolescents.

Family support system, family bond, optimistic outlook towards children, were found to have their influence on academic achievement ethel l jones [1996] studied the relationship between the variables of family climate and academic achievement as perceived by the students. 2 family size and the effects on the academic achievement of secondary school students 3 parents educational level, occupation and attitude, and its influence towards student’s academic work. Problems affecting the academic performance of rural secondary school students in enugu state background of the study since early 1970s, rural development has been identified as a strategy for improving the economic and social life of the rural inhabitants in nigeria. Of anxiety, the lower the academic performance of the students there are many studies showed that the performance of student in schools, colleges and universities are affected by anxiety disorder.

Effect of stress on academic performance of students – literature review: student’s academic learning and performances can be affected by many factors such as gender, age, teaching staff, father/ family’s economic condition, family’s social status, total study hours, and accommodation of them as hostelries or day scholars (pritchard, 1996. Causes and effects of poverty on academic achievements of rural secondary school students: case of tshazi secondary school in insiza district 1412 to establish the academic performance of poverty stricken students at tshazi secondary literature review 21 introduction browne (1992) defines poverty as an absolute lack of the minimum. Social and academic anxiety can have a negative effect on a student’s academic performance teachers and parents can learn to recognize the signs of anxiety in students. Abuse have effects on the academic performance of students and peer groups influence students of technology education to engage in drug abuse in nigerian public universities the effects of drugs on the academic performance.

Review of the literature low-income family has been a problem in children education in the united states in the problem statement the hypotheses is about the effect of low-income family to the child academic achievement. This chapter of the study presents the concepts of reading and literacy, the benefits of reading and its possible effects on students' academic performance. The effects of the family on student achievement: a comparative study of traditional and non-traditional families abstract the purpose of this quantitative, causal-comparative study was to test the interactive. Literature review the impact of part‐time jobs on student academic performance has been well‐established in western literature, but few works have ever studied the effects of doing part‐time jobs on student social life.

Review of effects of family problems to the academic performance of students literature

The review aimed to systematically locate, quality appraise and synthesise academic literature suggesting potential factors for poor academic performance of underprivileged pupils in science and maths in school. The literature review includes works that studied the nature of the relationship between poverty/income and student performance in school, the root causes of poor school performance among lower-income socioeconomic groups, and evaluated strategies. This article complements the hoyland et al review by considering the evidence on the effect of breakfast on behavior (in-class or at school) and academic performance in children and considers the methodological challenges in isolating the effects of breakfast from other factors findings will be discussed dependent on outcome measure and study. The effect of family background on students academic performance in secondary school: a case study of ovia south west local government area of edo state, nigeria abstract the purpose of the study is to find out the effect of home background on the students academic performance in ovia south lga of edo state.

  • The students‘ academic performance depends on a number of socio-economic factors like students‘ attendance in the class, family income, mother‘s and father‘s education, teacher-student ratio, presence of trained teacher in school, sex of the student, and distance of schools.
  • The existence and effects of students’ sexual relationship on their academic performance studies reveal that, there is relationship between students’ sexual relationship and their academic performance (sabia & rees, 2009.

Performance of children of immigrants researchers have long been interested in the effect of parental involvement on children’s academic performance, and research on the issue has generally found that there is a positive. Parental involvement’s effects on academic performance evidence from the youthsave ghana experiment gina a n chowa we begin with a literature review of parental involvement, its different conceptualizations, and its parental involvement’s effects on academic performance. Effects of broken home on student academic performance in esan west local government area, edo state abstract this study set out to examine the relationship between the academic performance of students from broken homes and those from stable homes in secondary schools in esan west local government area of edo state.

review of effects of family problems to the academic performance of students literature Literature accords the importance of parenting style and their impact on young adolescent's behavior there are many factors that affect the academic performance of children and parenting styles.
Review of effects of family problems to the academic performance of students literature
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